8:30am – Fit Testing CDHA Member, DH & Assisting Students, DAs, RDAs, RDAEFs


First block of 9 attendees to be Fit Tested. (5 remaining spaces before next available block session opens).



N95 Fit Testing by a third-party certified trainer!

PLEASE READ all of the information provided below.

N95 sessions will run in groups of 9 (NOT individually)

  • Fit Test sessions run for about 25-30 minutes per mask! (IF the mask you originally fit test fails, you may be able to fit test a second mask in a new session, IF space permits).
  • Anyone with facial hair that comes in contact with the seal; cannot be fit tested per OSHA! 
  • This is a time-sensitive test, all attendees need to be available at the start of the session, anyone that is late will not be fit tested.
  • We advise no smoking, eating and or drinking 5-10 minutes beforehand (or rinse out with water) this is a taste test.
  • If you require a medical clearance, PLEASE have your primary care provider sign your clearance. IF you are unable to have your primary care provider sign your clearance prior to your appointment, the third-party company has a medical provider on staff available to review your medical clearance. Please submit your forms to us (San Diego County Dental Hygienists’ Society) no later than Monday, August 3rd at noon. An additional $5.00 will be collected by the third-party company the day of the event (for the medical clearance)

We recommend that you bring your full PPE head gear ie: loupes, face shield and head cover if applicable along with your N95 mask.

Upon receipt of your registration, we will send you the medical history form.