General Meeting

General Meeting and Continuing Education Seminar

The Balancing Act: Finding Harmony & Results with Instrumentation

By: Liz Cappelli Burian RDH

Tuesday May 21, 2013

Registration Begins at 5:45pm

Handlery Hotel
950 Hotel Circle North
San Diego, CA 92108


  • Understand the need to organize instruments into Procedural Set-UPs.
  • Identify the many power and hand instrumentation options to make your job easier.
  • Implement strategies to obtain the instruments that you need.

Procedural Set-Ups

  • Create varied set-ups to accommodate your varied patient population.
  • Combine hand and power scaling to take advantage of the benefits of each technique.
  • Incorporate power scaling tips into hand instrument set-ups to improve efficiency.

Hand Scaling Innovations

  • Add curettes with rigid shanks to improve deposit removal on perio-set ups.
  • Consider alternative universal curette designs to enhance access and crown clearance.
  • Try the new Nevi® scaler designs that can enhance any procedural set-up.
  • Use Everedge® Technology scalers to improve sharpness retention.
  • Add a DiamondTechTM Scaler to perio set-ups to increase success in difficult scaling areas
  • Select from the extensive variety of the Gracey family of curettes to build set-ups that address a variety of patient conditions.


  • Avoid the temptation of replacing worn out scalers with inferior and unsafe remanufactured products. the practice is not as cost effective as it appears.

Building your Procedural Set-Up

  • Consider the minimal cost per use of high quality scaler that performs well and lasts longer.
  • Develop an instrument budget for regular replacement of hand and power scalers.

CEUs: 2

General Meeting

What About S.P.I.T.?

By: Druann Andrecht, RDH


SDCDHS 75th Anniversary Party!

Tuesday March 23, 2013 at 5:45 p.m.
Handlery Hotel
950 Hotel Circle North
San Diego, CA 92108

Course Description:

The ultimate goal of the dental hygiene profession is to treat disease, stop progression of disease, maintain health, and ultimately eradicate oral disease. For most of our patient recare appointment we concentrates on home care protocol education. Ever notice that when your patient returns for their recare visit, their mouth is generally in the same condition as that last visit? Albert Einstein once said,” Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and ex-pecting different results.”Perhaps it is time to take a new approach to your educational discussion. What if you changed it up and talked about S.P.I.T? This course will offer you the opportunity to broaden your scope of patient education regarding S.P.I.T.; Saliva, pH levels, and Integrating Therapies. Create a new vision for your patient and perhaps this will motivate and bring them closer to the goal of eradicating disease?

 2 CEUs for the lecture

 Learning Objectives:

As a result of this session participants will be able to:

  • Identify two ways Saliva can be used as a diagnostic tool instead of blood
  • Describe potential effects of low pH beverages and foods on health
  • Develop a plan to Integrate Therapies with the medical and alternative medicine teams

1 CEU for visiting Student Table Clinics

March 30, 2013 CE Meeting

Continuing Education Meeting

Saturday March 30, 2013 – 7:45 a.m.

Admiral Baker Golf Clubhouse – 2400 Admiral Baker Road, San Diego 92120

An Overview on Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy

By: Joy L. Moeller, RDH, BS

Course Description:

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy encompasses proper breathing, chewing and swallowing with behavior modification and support for eliminating habit patterns which may become a nightmare for occlusal stability. Part of periodontal stability is effected by the forces of these muscles as well as the effects of mouth breathing on periodontal health. This course will enable the hygienist to identify oral myofunctional disorders and determine if they want to become involved in this evolving, incredible therapy.

4 CEUs

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the relationship of OMT to the treatment of periodontal disease.
  • Learn the science behind the treatment of oral muscle disorders.
  • Identify oral habits that interfere with proper oral rest posture.
  • Recognize the incorrect rest position of the tongue.
  • Determine if there is an incorrect swallowing pattern.
  • Lean how to incoporate Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy into your practice.
  • Determine if there is adequate lip seal.
  • Examine and know when to refer labial and lingual frenum restriction.
  • Orofacial Myofunctional therapy is a program designed to re-pattern swallowing, chewing and breathing.

*See our March bulletin for speaker bio.


General Meeting: February 26, 2013 SOLD OUT

General Meeting



February 26, 2013 – Tuesday 5:45 p.m.

Handlery Hotel – 950 Hotel Circle North, San Diego, CA 92108

Career Development Opportunities ex poss

6 Different Speakers Discussing Alternative Roles of Dental Hygiene

Course Description:

This course will feature an amazing panel of speakers discussing the various career opportunities available to dental hygienists. Please read our February Bulletin for more information.

Dinner Selection

On the registration form, please indicate whether you would like Option A or Option B for your dinner selection.

Option A:

Panko Tilapia with chimichurri sauce served with chef’s choice accompaniments

Option B:

Vegetarian: Eggplant Parmesan – lightly breaded baked eggplant topped with garlic marinara and mozzarella cheese.


Sealant and Varnish Clinic – Feb. 9, 2013

We Need Your Help! Be a Volunteer at a Free Sealant and Fluoride Varnish Clinic for Children Saturday, February 9, 2013 in San Marcos.

Morning and afternoon shifts available. Liability insurance required.

Please contact Linda at the Dental Society 619-275-7188 or

January 19, 2013 Mandatory 4 CEU Seminar: SOLD OUT!

DATE: Saturday, January 19, 2013  TIME: 7:30 AM Registration

LOCATION: Admiral Baker Golf Clubhouse, 2400 Admiral Baker Rd., 92120

“California Dental Practice Act Review” and “Infection Control”

Ms. Andrews graduated from, and was a clinical instructor in Dental Hygiene at University of Southern California and teaches General and Oral Pathology, clinical radiology and Dental Hygiene and Infection Control at West Coast University Dept. of Dental Hygiene. She is a nationally recognized speaker, author and consultant, focusing on infectious diseases, clinical safety, instrument sharpening, ergonomics and preventive dentistry. Ms. Andrews is a “top 100 U.S. Speaker”, and is on the California Dental Assoc., ADA and OSAP speaker’s/Consultants bureaus. Ms. Andrews is an experienced author of journal articles, has contributed to textbook chapters and guidelines such as the 2009 ADA Infection Control Wall Poster, CE courses, newsletters, product literature and website content.

CLICK HERE FOR REGISTRATION FORM> January 19, 2013 Mandatory CE Brochure

CLICK HERE TO READ DEC 2012-Jan 2013 Bulletin>SDCDHS Dec12-Jan13 Bulletin

CDHA House of Delegates

Title: CDHA House of Delegates
Location: Long Beach Hilton
Link out: Click here
Description: Continue to watch for more information. SDCDHS members in good standing interested in being a candidate for delegate contact Susan Clark, President at or Sneha Patel, Editor at Elections will be held at the February 2013 General Meeting. Candidates will need to send a picture and 125 word biography to be printed in the December/January Bulletin.
Start Date: 2013-05-31
End Date: 2013-06-02

CDHA Scientific Session

Title: CDHA Scientific Session
Location: Anaheim Sheraton at the Park, CA
Link out: Click here
Description: Continue to watch for updates.
Date: 2013-04-12

CDHA Scientific Session

Title: CDHA Scientific Session
Location: Anaheim Sheraton at the Park, California
Link out: Click here
Description: As more information is received it will be posted on this website.
Date: 2013-04-12