President’s Message

Meet the new President of the San Diego County Dental Hygienists’ Society

Shiva Abadi, MS RDH.


I feel privileged to hold this Presidential Position for this coming year. My theme for this year is: “Good thoughts, good words, good health” which stems from the Zoroastrian religion that was founded and taught in eastern Iran in 1700 B.C, “Good thoughts, good words, good deeds”. I live daily through this creed and appreciate the simplicity of it.

I would like to thank every one for what you personally bring and for listening to learn where we are right now as a Profession.The San Diego County Dental Hygiene Society has been supporting Dental Hygienists for 80 years! Our goal is to promote and increase access to care, to achieve the highest standards of Dental Hygiene education, and to represent the Dental Hygiene profession. We can make this another great and productive year for all Dental Hygienists and the organizations/sponsorships that we collaborate with.

Members of SDCDHS and CDHA, if you know of any co-workers, recent graduates, or hygienists’ that are unfamiliar with our organization, please, reach out and invite them to our continuing education events. All of us can be a constructive member of our profession this coming year and should strive to be the best we can be. I am here to say that you have my commitment and dedication. I hope that you will all be there to cheer me on for the MISS CA USA pageant held at the Long Beach Convention Center on December 1-3. Winning Miss California would afford me the opportunity to have my voice heard on issues that are important to me such as helping our environment, raising awareness about mental illnesses, ORAL HEALTH, promoting diversity, and animal welfare.

Thank you,
Shiva Abadi, MS RDH.